Coming back from any setback or injury is always going to test you physically and mentally. An ACL or anything that keeps you out for a significant amount of time becomes that much more difficult as mentally the negative thoughts and questions build up! Will I be right? Will my knee hold up? Will it go again? What is stopping me from getting injured again? These are all normal thoughts and nerves that will manifest over and over naturally. Don't let this hold you back too much though!For me, I learnt that having a plan, accountability and knowledge was crucial and would therefore go about ticking off everything that was required before coming back. Not everything will go as planned as it didn't for me, but it will give you the best chance and this way there is no stone left unturned. You will then take so much confidence from all the work that you have put in which in the long run, will pay off! #mindset #allworthit #MTMF