Overview – MTMF Job Seeker Presentation


MTMF is a sports consulting business that was established in 2015 specialising in supporting individuals through adversity, setbacks and challenges in relation to sport and everyday life. This is undertaken through consultations, presentations and support networks offering information and positive reinforcement to continually develop and enhance individuals experiences in life.

Daniel’s aim is to develop clients resilience and motivation through observation and understanding each clients pathway forward by interacting in holistic tasks and approaches to their everyday lives. Through demonstrations and content of real life experiences, these are relatable to clients illustrating that you can achieve your goals and be successful with whatever pathway you choose to take. 

The MTMF presentation challenges the clients to evaluate their life holistically looking at and identifying their strengths, pathways, mentors and hobbies to help them understand the opportunities that are available for each individual in addition to the support network they have to lean on. This information is then shared with the Job Seeker organisation to assist in specifically targeting what each individuals pathway is and what they are suited for in the workforce.

The feedback from these clients has been that they actually have a lot going for them as this presentation has helped them understand the opportunities that lie before them, particularly through turning their setbacks into positive experiences. 

Option 1 – Small Group Interaction – Less than 8 people. 2 sessions. (60 mins + 90 mins)

Session 1

Introduction, Setbacks, Resilience, Challenges & Fixes interaction

Session 2

Positive Mindset, Goal Setting task, How to get a job, Perspective, Holistic Plan to life

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