Overview – MTMF Corporate & Business Presentation


MTMF is a sports consulting business that was established in 2015 specialising in supporting individuals through adversity, setbacks and challenges in relation to sport and everyday life. This is undertaken through consultations, presentations and support networks offering information and positive reinforcement to continually develop and enhance individuals experiences in life.

Daniel’s aim in this presentation is to work with organisations on developing their employees motivation, teamwork and resilience. Through demonstrations and content of real life experiences, these are relatable to employees illustrating that you can achieve your goals and be successful with whatever pathway you choose to take. This will further be applied through observations and gaining an understanding into employees interests and motivations by interacting in holistic tasks that are relevant to their everyday lives.

The MTMF presentation challenges employees to evaluate their life holistically looking at and identifying their strengths, pathways, mentors and hobbies to help them understand the opportunities that are available for each individual in addition to the support network they have to lean on. 

In larger or less interactive groups, the theme of resilience, mental health and teamwork are the major focuses which are demonstrated through the content of these real life experiences and explained throughout the presentation. 

I have delivered these presentations to a number of businesses and sporting organisations, in addition to working with mental health organisation’s such as Wise Employment, Breakthrough and Yourtown with the focus on developing resilience, overcoming adversity and encouraging individuals holistic approach in life.

Option 1 –Small Group Interaction – Usually less than 8 people. 2 sessions. (2 x 60 mins)

Option 2 – Small Group Presentation – Usually less than 8 people. 1 sessions. (45 – 60 mins)

Option 3 – Large Group Presentation – Usually more than 8 people. 1 session. (45 – 60 mins)

Option 4 – Large Group Presentation – Usually more than 8 people. 1 session. (60 – 90 mins)

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