Would your clinic benefit from an athletes perspective on rehab? 

In this presentation, Daniel Menzel (ex AFL Footballer for Geelong & Sydney and current Woodville West Torrens Footballer) covers topics such as Resilience, Mindset & The Practitioners Role in Recovery from his learnings and lived experience having gone through and overcome 4 ACL reconstructions.

Daniel will provide helpful tips on how to negotiate tricky conversations with an athlete who is suffering a long term injury which he has developed since creating his own website MTMF – Mental Toughness Mental Fortitude. This website is based around mental and physical setbacks which features video demonstrations of exercises in addition to an ACL Plan that guides athletes through their rehab which is available online.

Since speaking at the 2014 ‘Return to Play’ World Conference in Melbourne, Daniel has presented a number of presentations for athletes and medical professionals whilst working with many athletes and medical practitioners in helping them gain a greater understanding of the challenges of long term rehabilitation and how it can be made easier for athletes moving forward.

Find out what common misconceptions are used which can hinder rehab and how to best negotiate these conversations. Furthermore, Daniel utilises video footage from his rehabilitations to demonstrate the challenges and conversely, what is helpful to assist athletes through these difficulties and how to better enhance your role with an athletes recovery.

This presentation is a great Professional Development tool for anyone in the medical industry with a focus centered on the practitioner’s role in an athletes recovery and how they can ensure that they offer the best support for the individual throughout the challenging rehabilitation.

This presentation is eligible as CPD hours if you think it is relevant to your clinic and is therefore tax deductible.

Option 1 –TBC with provider – 1 Session. (60 mins – 90 mins)

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

Positive Mindset

Part 5

Goal Setting & Reviewing

Part 6

Practitioners Role in Recovery

Part 7


Part 8


Part 9

Full Circle

Part 10

Holistic Plan to life