This is my advice on an ACL recovery, which I have now been through 4 times. I am midway through completing a personal trainer qualification and so with that additional knowledge I have written this ACL plan to hopefully help as many people as I can who are going through an ACL rehab.


I have provided a 40 week or 9 month rehab plan which is roughly what we have aimed for in each rehab, however everyone has different circumstances and therefore if you need to spend more time on each or any stage of the recovery then do not hesitate to as in the long run it will make a difference. I strongly advise that you use this as a guide whilst making sure you still have access to and are guided by a physio, as well as whatever other resources you may require.

0–4 weeks

5–8 weeks

9–12 weeks

13–16 weeks

17–20 weeks

21–24 weeks

25–28 weeks

29–32 weeks

33–36 weeks

37–40 weeks