This stage of the rehab is where you hopefully will be starting to get a lot of confidence in your body in relation to movements and agility. It’s a great stage to ramp up the agility with a lot of cone drills which are illustrated in the video below whilst again staying in strong power positions, allowing you to cut hard and change direction unpredictably.

The gymnastics arena would be a great part of the rehab in this phase to continue gaining confidence in your body. Around this time, you could look to introduce straight-line tackling keeping it at a beginner’s level until you gain more confidence and start to feel your technique coming back. It is normal to feel uncoordinated and not have your technique at first. This step takes time and it takes a little while until you even feel half confident with your tackling so again no need to be impatient, take your time and do it right.


Another introduction can be jump/landing whilst flying for the footy. This is something that I have found takes countless reps to get confidence back, so at this stage look to do it in a controlled nature without much twisting or turning in the air. This is a good time to join in light kicking drills just to build some confidence for when you go into more intense drills. Using your peers is so important to understanding where you are at and they will notice if there are differences in how you used to move compared to now, how you used to tackle or even kick. Invite this feedback as it is only going to help you improve and understand where you’re at. Once again, while stepping up the drills, we cannot sacrifice other areas that we have built on and so should continue building strength in the gym, building fitness levels and skills.