Now that tackling has been introduced you can look at doing it off line and therefore changing up the dynamics. You will continue to work on your tackling technique but can also introduce getting tackled and landing on the ground from that.Again, repetitions with this are so important and you should gain a tremendous amount of confidence from these back to back sessions. This is an ideal phase to start working on your hard deceleration which is demonstrated below and then adding in extra drills such as decelerating, stopping, planting and going again.

Repetitions are so important in anything you do. Therefore doing as much as your knee can tolerate when it comes to all these movements is vital for later down the track. At this stage you can also look to integrate back into some lighter training and movement drills with your team, which will be a big boost for any athlete. The adrenalin levels will be high with excitement so try to contain yourself if you can but at the same time enjoy yourself – to be back in training has taken a lot of work and means you’re that one step closer to your comeback. However, make sure that you don’t cut corners at this stage of the rehab when you are starting to integrate back in with teammates, as it is easy to get carried away when you feel like you are back and you just do what everyone else does. You have worked too hard to get complacent at this stage of the rehab so continue to be the professional that you have been by completing all of your prep and recovery around sessions. You should continue pushing yourself in the gym, by not only gaining strength through the legs but also through your core and upper body, working on your deficiencies to ensure that when you come back your are not just returning as the player you were, but an all round better athlete.