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Our Prep To Train Package comes with our standard pack as well as the exercises and programs that will help assist with making sure you are better prepared to run, train or perform.
This is a program targeted at anyone who wants to give their body a small & practical warm up before whatever exercise you are ready to participate in.
Elite athletes do these type of exercises all the time before competition or training to give themselves a better chance to perform at a higher level by activating important muscle groups but also to strengthen and allow muscles to develop over time.
We believe this is important for elite athletes but just as important for anyone who is not an elite athlete as it will hopefully help prevent injuries or tightness and discomfort for anyone who isn’t prepared adequately to train.
If you have issues when you go for a run, tightness or discomfort, or you just want to better prepare yourself for the activity you’re about to participate in, then these specific Prep To Train Programs are for you.


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